Leading ISO 9001:2008 Certified company. We are providing global business services like Tax Services, Small Business Accounting, PayRoll, Business Consulting and Others. Caltax Services is known for its client satisfaction, new technological innovation and highly extensive expertise team.


CTG Accounting & Tax Service, Inc. is providing outstanding services to our clients. We have a highly extensive experience to handle related tax, small business account, payroll and business in a successful way. Our dedication of work is based on these three principles.


CTG Accounting & Tax Service, Inc. is one of the best leading firms in the area. We have a highly experienced team. We are able to maintain client relationships with close relation and professional attention. We make sure that every client work is handled by our whole team.


CTG Accounting & Tax Service, Inc. is well responsive. We are able to provide total financial and tax related services to large and small business, small business accounting and individuals. We are getting more business with our client referrals. To get client referrals, our goal is to provide high quality services to our clients.


We are known as a high quality service provider in comparison with other providers. We are expertise is to solve tax problems. For many clients, our services has changed their life. We behave with our clients as if they're like his tax and financial problem are own.

We Deliver Guarantee

We have done this before and are able to do it again. This understanding helps to boost our confidence to provide guaranteed solutions. Our happy clients can give you positive feedbacks about our best efforts to provide them more profit in tax services and business accounting.

We Provide Client Satisfaction

CTG Accounting & Tax Service, Inc. main goal is to provide client satisfaction and reach their requirement in a progressive way.We are known for our quality work and client relationship. We always stands with our clients to solve their issues.

We are with Expertise Team

We have a expertise team, That are able to handle your business issues and able to provide the best solutions to save your money with tax.

We Understand Your Business

CTG Accounting & Tax Service, Inc. is working with more than 150+ clients across 3 countries. We are able to provide successful results as per our clients needs.